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André Luiz Barbosa

I am Brazilian, Bachelor of Ciência da Computação (Science of Computation or Computer Science) from Universidade Federal de Goiás - UFG, and high school Técnico em Telecomunicações (Technician on Telecommunications) from Escola Técnica Federal de Goiás (at present Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Goiás - CEFET-GO).

I am and was always passionate by Electronics, Mathematics, Computation in general, Music and Poetry.

Then, inspired by some these passions, I have designed and constructed the SimuPLC - Simulador de Controlador Lógico Programável, a non-commercial project of a simulator system of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), for purpose to aid learning and simulation of the concepts and fundamental principles of the electro-electronic logical programmable controls, and I've created too a little and simple high-level language for program it, the Linguagem de Comandos Elétricos (Electric Commands Language) - LCE.

The PLCs are ones essential and fundamental equipments for functioning of the modern industrial installations, what right away is sufficient motivation to study them. In addition, I believe too that they will can become very significant as well in the commercial and household worlds, at enough simplified, cheap and small versions to become viable embedded or boarded into, for example, households electric appliances, vehicles, professional equipments, till more advanced games and toys.

Other informations concerning the SimuPLC and the LCE at page below:

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