Simulated Tanks of Liquids

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The simulation of the tanks of liquids inaugurated on the version 3.0.0 of the SimuPLC is still primitive and unpolished, but certainly brings significant gain in the interactivity of the simulation of controls involving tanks, water tanks, reservoirs, septic cesspools, drain sewer, containers, boilers and suchlike ones, whose utilization occurs at practicality all industrial, commercial and residential environments, and whose basic logic of functioning is easily understood by everybody, what originates controls of high didactic power and large practice importance for the enrichment of the apprenticeship of PLC-based programs.

With some imagination, we can as well consider the simulated tanks like receptacles, further of liquids, of other materials and substances as cereals in grains, milled or in powder aliment, sand, whitewash, fresh concrete, solids in form of little grains, prepared pasty, fleshes, etc., what, in some situations, behave approximated as liquids.

The simulated tanks relies, further on feeding and drain valves, also beater, heater and cooler, buoys indicators of low and high level, level sensor and thermometer, what ought make capable wide range of simulations of processes involving liquids and similar substances.