Simulated Stepping Motor Based Mat

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The simulation of the stepping motors and mats inaugurated on present version 3.3.0 of the SimuPLC is still primitive and unpolished, but certainly brings significant gain in the interactivity of the simulation of controls involving motor-based mats, transporter mats, moving staircase and suchlike ones, whose utilization already occurs at enough disseminated way at present but tends in near future to became world wide into industrial, commercial and even residential environments, for convenience to people in general or aid to children, physical deficient persons, ancient, the sick, or people whom their mobility was restricted by any way.

The simple but interesting basic logic of functioning of stepping motors and linear transporters should be understood by every professional that wants excel himself into competitive market of the programmable controls, making possible relevant and wide spread controls, of easy and acknowledged didactic, with large practice importance for the enrichment of the apprenticeship of PLC
-based control programs.

Our simulated stepping motor based mini-mat has several commands of moviment and sensors that allow we do analogy with some present in actual mats and motors, beyond 3-size bottles to be moved, one balance and one liquid feeder, what should make capable large scale of simulations of processes involving such mechanisms and similar ones.

Obs.: although it can move only one bottle by time and it have only one balance and one liquid feeder, the controls developed for our little mat can be easily expanded for actual mats without such limitations and more sophisticated, because the basic concepts for handling of the moviments and sensoring of this little mat are very suchlike to ones bigger and more complex.

      Clique on the elements below for details of the functioning:

simulated stepmotor