Simulated Elevator

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The simulation of the elevator inaugurated on the version 3.1.0 of the SimuPLC is still primitive and unpolished, but certainly brings significant gain in the interactivity of the simulation of controls involving elevators or lifts, elevators of charge, uplifter machines and suchlike ones, whose utilization occurs at practicality all industrial, commercial and residential environments, and whose basic logic of functioning can be, with some reflection, easily understood by everybody, what originates controls intellectually interesting and of high didactic power and large practice importance for the enrichment of the apprenticeship of PLC-based programs.

The simulated elevator has almost anything commands more common present in the building-based elevators, what should make capable large scale of simulations of processes involving such lifter machines and similar ones.

Obs.: although it has only three floors, the controls for it developed can be easily expanded for elevators with any number of floors, because the basic concepts for handling of the inferior floors (lower floor or subsoil) and superior (last floor) are the same in elevators of any size; and the basic ideas for handling the intermediary floor should be very similar to the ones to handle any intermediaries floors on greater elevators.

      Clique on the elements below for details of the functioning:

simulated elevator